Preserving food was essential for survival where my parents came from in Calabria, Italy. Today, while still important for many, remains tradition for most. Growing up in Brooklyn with Italian parents, I was taught to embrace these traditions, especially at the end of Summer. The warm season coming to an end meant gathering all of Summer’s natural bounty to jar and preserve for the cold months ahead. Regardless of whether we lived in Brooklyn, NY or Calabria, Italy this was essential and what we did to take care of the family and to make sure no one ever goes hungry.
— Michael, Co-Founder

City Saucery is inspired by this age-old tradition of preserving fresh and natural ingredients for all families to enjoy year round.

Nonna's Tomato Sauces

Unique tomato sauces inspired by Nonna's native Calabria, the oldest and spiciest Italian region. Handcrafted using 100% New Jersey vine-ripened tomatoes (not watered-down tomato paste), 100% extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and the best farm-fresh ingredients sourced and grown responsibly in the U.S.A.


Tomato 'Nduja

Our vegan version of the traditional Calabrian pork spread is a delicious combination of sweet tomatoes and spicy peppers.

A savory condiment that will add heat, flavor and umami to any dish. 



Preserved Summer Tomatoes

Preserved sweet summer tomatoes sourced regionally from organic New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania farms.