No salt? more basil? tons of garlic?

We’ll customize your sauce to fit your dietary needs and taste buds.

Birthday party? Corporate event?

Planning an office event or dinner party at home and no time to cook up a delicious sauce? No sweat. We’ll help you customize something delicious and cook it for you here at the Saucery.

Fill out this form and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect sauce for you, your family and friends. Even call it your own. We encourage it!

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My kids LOVE pasta but they’re also very picky eaters. Jarred sauces just weren’t cutting it until City Saucery made us a customized marinara with no sugar and TONS of basil, just like they like it! Now they can’t live without their ‘special’ sauce!
— Jennifer P. Brooklyn, NY