Although these may not look ugly to you they are in fact considered "ugly" by most grocery buyers in the USA. Hard to believe I agree, this is why we've built our entire business model on sourcing these ugly BUT tasty tomatoes from local farms all within 200 miles of NYC. These "ugly" tomatoes would either get left behind in the fields or tossed in the trash. Yellow tomatoes are among our top sellers at Greenmarket but the quantity we source annually is quite limited - unfortunately - BUT we're doing our absolute best to still get them in and jarred for your weekly pick up.

This week's supply was brought to Brooklyn from upstate and I have to say at first we were hesitant to use hydroponic anything because they're just not the same as field grown, but we're trying to keep an open mind and finally accept that we're running a tomato based company in the northeast, so field grown anything is limited and seasonal. Especially, tomatoes! Luckily we've mastered the art of preserving so you're able to stock up on these beauties.

This batch of yellow bursts of sunshine have been cooked and preserved this week for you to enjoy any time of year.