Why Ugly Tomato Sauce? 

"Ugly” tomatoes are slightly bruised, overly ripe or oddly shaped. Basically, the ones that the stores and restaurants don't want, we take them off the hands of small organic farms and cook them down for hours into a delicious red magic that has become our signature Ugly Sauce. A 'fresh as it gets' tomato sauce you can build on or use with pasta, fish, veggies, and pizza. Or, any recipe that calls for fresh tomato sauce. Ugly, but VERY tasty!

Starting July 28, 2018, we are pleased to announce a branding collaboration with Ugly Produce is Beautiful  /  @uglyproduceisbeautiful, an educational Campaign started in 2016 by food expert and entrepreneur Sarah Phillips, with the mission to create awareness and revolution in the food industry to reduce food waste and pollution. One of the greatest crimes against the environment that few know about, is the practice of throwing away up to 40 percent of our perfectly good fruit and vegetables in the United States just because they do not meet cosmetic standards.

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Ugly produce is part of our larger American food waste problem, although it occurs worldwide. Americans are throwing out the equivalent of $165 billion each year - from farm to fork - ugly produce and uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills as the single largest component of U.S. municipal solid waste where it accounts for a large portion of U.S. methane emissions. And all those inputs used to produce that food -  soil, water, fertilizers, and human labor - are also wasted!

Our goal is to help you take action and (rather than just talking about it) by making these delicious products that not only help reduce waste, but help our regional farms.

Ugly Sauces and Tomato 'Nduja at Union Square Greenmarket, New York.
Image by @food