Sfincione is a thick Sicilian pizza, or more precisely a focaccia bread, topped with tomatoes, onions, anchovies and grated cheese, seasoned with wild oregano. Outside Italy, "Sicilian pizza" is used to describe all kinds of things, but until the 19th century, Sfincione (loosely translated as "thick sponge") was the kind of pizza usually consumed on the streets of western Sicily.

With a spongy crust up to 1 inch thick, Sfincione is more like a thick bread than it is pizza (pizza in Italy usually has a thinner crust). The Sicilian term "Sfincia" alludes to sponges and the spongy. Sfincione (with tomatoes anyway) has only been made since the 17th century. The most important ingredient, the tomato (originating from South America) didn't even make its way to Italy until the 16th century and then, later on, began to be cultivated. 

The tomatoes are absolutely essential which is why this recipe called to me. Our Crushed Tomatoes (or Passata di Pomodoro if you prefer NO SEEDS at all), is ideal for this delicious recipe. 

Sfincione (Sicilian "Sfinciune") is made or sold by a Sfinciunaro. Street vendors (especially at Palermo's street markets) sell Sfincione, but some of the best are made by bakeries. Traditionally, Sfincione is served on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Good Friday but since we're in America we can eat this whenever we want without any regrets of any kind. Am I right folks? 

The recipe is very simple: dough, tomatoes, and onions. The cheese and anchovies are optional. Sfincione is baked in a square tray and cut into squares or rectangular pieces. Let me know how yours turns out. I'm so curious to hear. 

I make this at home at least once a month (year round). Our Crushed Tomatoes seasoned and cooked turns this recipe into such a yummy and healthy meal (and as leftovers, they're just FANTASTIC!!). 

Buon appetito!   

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