This week's recipe is a combination of two delicious dishes: Chicken Parm and Gnocchi pasta. We combined the two using our Spicy Ugly Sauce and Tomato 'Nduja because, why not? The combination of pasta, chicken, ooey-gooey cheeses and our FRESH tomato sauces all baked together create the ultimate in flavor and comfort. Pick up your jars of handcrafted goodness Wednesday, Friday or Saturday at Union Square Greenmarket. 

Buon appetito!   

If you have a recipe using any of our products and would like to share, please send it to us. We love hearing from customers who use our products for ANY dish they cook up at home. Also, we'd love to feature you and your recipes on our website (with your permission of course).

Check out our farmers market calendar for dates. 

See you tomorrow, Friday and Saturday later this week at Union Square Greenmarket.