I don't speak Greek but some of our customers do. Recently a loyal, and Greek, customer offered us her homemade recipe of a delicious Pastitsio using our Crushed Tomatoes. She's been buying our products for months now and she finally sent her recipe to us. So, I had to share it with you all for this week's newletter. Reading her recipe, I noticed the Pastitsio is very similar to an Italian lasagna with the layering of pasta and sauce and bechamel BUT it's totally a Greek dish. Our customer uses the Greek pasta brand "Misko" for her homemade version, but we added Bucatini pasta as an another option if finding a Greek pasta in your neighborhood is next to impossible.  

This is a very (yet again) elaborate recipe that's ideal for the winter season but tons of fun and loaded with lots of deliciousness. A perfect comfort dish. Be sure to grab a few jars of our Crushed Tomatoes at Union Square Greenmarket this week and plan to cook up your very own Pastitsio. Buon appetito!   

If you have a recipe using any of our products and would like to share, please send it to us. We love hearing from customers who use our products for ANY dish they cook up at home. Also, we'd love to feature you and your recipes on our website (with your permission of course).

In my understanding, a pastitsio should hold together more or less- like a lasagna. Using bucatini, the noodles themselves create a perfect, tangled nest. Baked and rested, you can cut into the pastitsio and the slices will hold together because of the chaos of those long strands. 

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See you WednesdayFriday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.