Meatballs are synonymous with Italian comfort food. Everyone's eyes light up when they know they're about to inhale a plate of meatballs (except for vegans of course). Meatballs were not always something we ate growing up but when we would, it was typically a special Sunday or a certain holiday. Particularly pork meatballs. Calabrians LOVE their pork. There's a ton of meatball recipes on the internet that use pork and beef or veal (sometimes on their own, most commonly all together) but I wanted to use one of my favorite meats that I also grew up enjoying on special Sundays and certain holidays and that meat is lamb. Which brings us to this week's recipe visit to North Africa. Are you familiar with North African meatballs at all? Apparently, they're a thing and I'm in love! This particular lamb meatball recipe called to me because of the ingredients used in Tunisia and Morocco (also two countries that use a helluva lot of tomatoes). Cinnamon, cloves, cumin and ginger are the main spices used in this recipe. These spices pair beautifully with meats in general and this dish includes all three creating a whole new kinda delicious meatball dish worthy of inhaling with both eyes and mouth.

As you already know, we love tradition, but we're not traditional so we swapped a few things here and there and ignored using the commonly used "jar of marinara." I can't imagine Tunisians and Moroccans using a common jar of marinara for this recipe so it made perfect sense to use both our Spicy Ugly Tomato Sauce and Tomato 'Nduja instead. Our fresh tomato sauces and condiment cooked with lamb and spices brought these meatballs to a whole other level. A Mediterranean level I'd even argue. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 

Buon appetito!   

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