This week's recipe is inspired by the cold cold weather we've been having lately in NY. When it's this cold outside, I like to bake. Baking doesn't only mean sweets. In fact, many rich and savory dishes require baking like the Sartù di Riso al Ragú (Neapolitan Rice Timbale)

Sartù is the Italianized version of the French word sur tout meaning 'above all' a reference to the rice that covers the rich and delicious stuffing. This is an old recipe from Naples. The story goes that the local cooks known as the Monzù (another Italianized version of the French word Monsieur) cooked this dish up to please their noble French Bourbon masters who ruled the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (modern day southern Italy) with elaborate French-inspired dishes using ONLY local ingredients. So many French-inspired dishes in fact that there's a subcuisine known as La Cucina dei Monzù. Anyhow, these French-inspired dishes are perfect for this time of year when leaving the oven on inside your house and consuming calories is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they're both very good things.

This is a very elaborate recipe BUT tons of fun if prepared with a small group of people. Everyone can have a chore. Don't get intimidated either, it's not as complicated as it reads. We did most of the work for you in fact by having our Ugly Sauces already cooked and seasoned and ready to go. So, be sure to grab a few jars this week at Union Square Greenmarket and plan to turn your Sartù dish into a party with friends and family! Buon appetito!    

Check out our farmers market calendar for January dates. 

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