Here's a glimpse into the Saucery for you. In this photo is our makeshift "tomato room." Limited funds makes one VERY VERY resourceful. And, hey? It works! Good thing we keep our pallets! The stacked up tomato boxes you see in this image all come from our small network of 22 + local farms from PA to VT. This image pretty much sums up what the end of the day at the Saucery looks like during harvest. Inverted mason jars, fresh tomatoes resting and ripening to get cooked, crushed and quartered for our weekly markets and our online shop. The aroma of grass and tomatoes fills the air. Every day at the Saucery smells just like Sunday and we LOVE it and judging from our weekly sales at Greenmarket, so do you (which is awesome!).  Seriously though, we do enjoy doing what we do because we do it with lots of passion and so much gratitude. This season (still going BTW) alone, 10,000 LBS of "ugly" tomatoes have gone through the Saucery. All this amazing local agriculture has enabled us to create more products and increase our customer base which is SO important for a small growing business.

So, thanks guys! From the bottom of our tomato hearts! We'll keep cooking up amazing products for you here at the Saucery since your ongoing support means everything to us.

This week we cooked up some Pasta Soup recipes for you because...why not? You deserve some comfort food. Enjoy! 

See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.