...but we always make it look fun. It's all we've got right now and it's how we prefer to roll, honestly. Probably why our products are so damn delicious since we're pouring nothing but love inside everything we make here at the Saucery.

This past week involved Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and (only yesterday) Cyber Monday. That's a helluva lotta things happening all in the span of only 5 days. If you made it out alive, you're a survivor! And, it's only the beginning of what's to come this season, still. From today until Christmas Eve, It'll be a maelstrom of jingle bells, sleigh rides (and God help us all) Santacon! All this said, while all this is happening, here at the Saucery at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in sunny Sunset Park, Brooklyn, we continue laughing, cooking, mixing and sealing up sauces while trying to be a part of just a small piece of all that holiday adrenaline happening around us. How could we not? We're not only a small business struggling to survive, but we're a food manufacturing business struggling to survive... in New York City! Do you know how difficult that is? (Did you click the link above? It's a New York Times article talking about how difficult it is and about some of the strides being made by the City itself to help us little guys out but the reality is, it's just not enough.)

In America's eyes, we're not a small business at all. We're a microbusiness. Like a gnat at a picnic. You only see them when they're right in front of your eyes (or, on your sandwiches). Otherwise, you'd totally miss them. We prefer not to be the gnats in your life because well, gross, and, because they're annoying AF. We don't wanna be annoying AF. We wanna be your GO TO for fresh and delicious products made with love for you and your own loved ones.  

Some of you opened our emails sent over the holiday weekend about our Small Biz/Cyber sales and most of you did not. That's OK, we understand. Your inbox was probably inundated with pointless sales that you probably never even signed up for. However, you gave us your email address at Union Square Greenmarket because you want to know about what we're bringing to our weekly market stand, yummy recipes and our 'exclusive' online sales. That said, OPEN UP YOUR EMAILS WHEN THEY'RE FROM CITY SAUCERY

Lastly, we've cooked up a new service here at the Saucery that may come in handy for some of you (especially this time of year). It's called Custom Sauces where you fill out a form customizing a sauce to your liking. Like the old tailor shops, but with sauce. We already have some very satisfied customers who've used our new service for dinner parties, picky kids, family or just because. Whatever floats your boat people. We don't judge.  

This week we cooked up a deliciously (low carb) Eggplant Lasagna. Vegetarian never tasted so good! A modern twist on the classic Italian pasta dish. Who says pasta should be 100% gluten and filled with meat? You had enough meat last week. Stick to veggies this week. 

See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.