Stuffed eggplant is a staple dish in Calabria, Italy. One that my parents' would always cook for all of us on special occasions. It holds a very special place in my heart (and stomach). Frying this amazing vegetable up on occasion is not so bad BUT for a more typical dinner at home, we want healthier options, so we decided to bake this classic dish (without meat of any kind) instead. Also, keep the skins on if you don't mind them. The skins do add a lot of flavor (and fiber) to the dish. This Stuffed Eggplant Boats recipe is seriously yummy and not bad for you either. A baked vegetable stuffed with more veggies and fresh tomato sauce? Uhm, yes please! 

If you're feeling Calabrian than call it Mulangiani Chini (pro: moo-lan-gianni khini) while you prepare it. You can always translate it to the more commonly known (and used) "Melanzane Ripiene" (Italian for "stuffed eggplant"). You'll also sound extra smart knowing the difference between standard Italian and la lingua da Calabria.

Buon appetito!   

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