...or "what percentage of farmers crops are deemed ugly?" a customer recently asked me. "Good question" I thought, and one that should be asked to farmers directly. I explained to my customer that I was not a farmer but a small producer who sources produce from a network of 23 + farms and coops directly. We take whatever they deem as "ugly" or "seconds" and cook, preserve and pickle them into a pantry product that can be enjoyed by customers year round. All the produce that gets categorized as "ugly" by farmers and/or their distributor –because at the end of the day running a farm is a business and if their top customer ain't buying them for whatever assinine aesthetic reasons– they do get deemed "ugly" then tossed. Again, at the end of the day, they have a business to run and no time to really waste. I understand when farmers throw their rejected tomatoes back into their field. I don't understand, however, tossing them into the garbage and I really don't understand why these ugly tomatoes are not more accessible to producers like us. (Again, we only work with a small network of 23 + farmers.) You'd think these rejected tomatoes would be, but nope. We'll take whatever we can get at this stage of our small company. All in all, farms are businesses and so are we and we have products to produce and preserve for your hungry mouths and we are just thankful that you love what we're doing because we love doing it for you! See you tomorrow!  

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See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.

WE WILL NOT be at Union Sq. Greenmarket on Dec. 26 or Jan 2.

It doesn't get more hearty and peasant than a delicious plate of beans and pasta. This week’s Pasta e Fagioli recipe delivers just that. Especially this time of year when the chilly weather outdoors has you staying indoors more than usual. Why not cook some yummy recipes up in that kitchen of yours. I know you got one! Turn on that stove already!