Most of you are well aware of our spicy vegan Tomato 'Nduja by now. You've either picked it up at our Greenmarket stands, our online shop or your local specialty food store BUT did most of you know that you can (and should be) using this amazing condiment my mom created on EVERYTHING? Honestly, put it on everything! We constantly encourage our customers to think outside the box when they're at home cooking with all our products BUT our Tomato 'Nduja holds true with its 'everything sauce' capabilities!

2-4 tablespoons for one pound of pasta, top pizza, marinate ANYTHING, whisk up a spicy salad dressing, pair with any cheeses. Heck, eat it out of the jar with a spoon! I do it all the time! Point is, it's a delicious condiment to have on hand. Especially this week with the Polar Vortex looming. Did you read about that? YIKES! Grab a few jars tomorrow at Union Square before Thursday's arctic blast. 

Buon appetito!   

If you have a recipe using any of our products and would like to share, please send it to us. We love hearing from customers who use our products for ANY dish they cook up at home. Also, we'd love to feature you and your recipes on our website (with your permission of course).

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See you WednesdayFriday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.