Doesn't our casita look warm and cozy to you? Here's Jorge braving the cold with his faux fur hat and a scarf and probably a hot Venezuelan chocolate in his hand (note: no gloves). It's quite comfortable at our stand so don't be afraid to venture outside during the cold days ahead. It's never cold where Jorge is from so If Jorge can do it (and, without gloves on), so can you! 

Winter is coming folks because it is getting C-H-I-L-L-Y outside, like really chilly! Not to worry though, we'll still be slingin' ugly summer tomatoes at Union Square Greenmarket weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday inside our warm, cozy casita. We learned our lesson last year that you can never be too prepared for a farmers market during Winter and this year we are ready for the cold! OK, maybe not a Polar Vortex cold cause then we'll have to just call in sick. We're crazy; not insane!

As a small business, Greenmarket has helped us enormously with getting our name out to all of you and we couldn't be more thankful. Seriously, we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of Greenmarket's platform which is why we will continue to show up during the harshest weather (again, just not during a Polar Vortex) because we know you rely on getting your weekly supply (and fix) of our delicious sauces and tomatoes and we love being ready for you to swing by and pick up. Your pick ups, recycling of our mason jars or just a friendly visit means so much to us. It keeps us in business and gives us meaning to continue on doing what we're doing. So, thank you for your support.    

Speaking of Winter, this week we got inspired by a Breakfast Sandwich recipe we came across on the Wall Street Journal using traditional 'nduja and thought to swap that pork spread out for our vegan Tomato 'Nduja and it worked out beautifully. Just wait till you actually eat it. WOW! 

See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.