Hey folks! It's your personal saucier Michael here and this week's gonna be CRAZY busy for us at the Saucery. Unfortunately, we received a late shipment of tomatoes (yes, I do get fresh tomatoes this time of year from local farms). Like TODAY late, which means we have to process all these tomatoes tomorrow and Thursday which changes our production schedule a bit BUT we're professionals and will get the job done (we've also been here many times before so we know the drill). All that said, I'll be bringing plenty more sauces on Friday and Saturday later this week. 

Getting this late shipment of tomatoes reminds me of how many of you always ask me "what's the difference between your sauces and the ones at the grocery store?" Well, for one thing, we use REAL tomatoes (skins and all). So real in fact, if we don't process them right away they can all potentially go to waste. The sauces at the grocery store typically use tomato paste, water and sugar all usually imported from China (combined with loads of sodium to boot). Sugar and sodium do an awesome job at masking anything. They also do a great job at raising your blood pressure so I wouldn't make it a habit. Overall, it's a pretty bad scene in most pasta sauce aisles is what I'm getting at here and that's just one of the many differences between City Saucery and those other guys. Oh, also, if we don't receive our small weekly shipments on time, like today, we're pretty screwed with getting certain flavors jarred and sealed for you. Because we do not have a massive facility to produce thousands of units of product, we're limited with what we can achieve. Limited or not, though, when we do have what we need in our kitchen, we'll continue producing delicious and fresh sauces for you all to enjoy. And we know you all enjoy them immensely. This is another (significant) difference between us and the other sauce companies 

All this said, the main, and most important difference between our sauces and the ones at the grocery store is that I'm making it with my family. We're not pushing a mindless cooking show on you or promoting our overpriced and hyped restaurant. We are a small family business jarring fresh and local tomatoes for the American pantry. We understand that you have a very busy lifestyle and require only the best when you sit down to feast with your loved ones. Why should you worry about that too? You have enough to take care of during the day. Let us do it for you. It's a pretty sweet deal having your own saucier, no? Just embrace it already. We love making them for you.   

This week's recipe features swordfish (the steak of the sea) paired with our Seaweed Marinara. As many of you already know, the Seaweed Marinara is a very unique sauce and a personal fav of mine to pair with seafood. Try to find the strozzapreti pasta suggested with the recipe since it's pretty ideal with this dish. It also means "strangled priests." I mean, need I say more? Those Italians though! Am I Right?  
Pick up a jar (or 2) of our Seaweed Marinara this week at Union Square Greenmarket or at our ONLINE SHOP. We ship nationwide! 

Check out our farmers market calendar for dates.

See youWednesday, Friday and Saturday this week atUnion Square Greenmarket.