Hey folks! It's your saucier Michael here again and this week's gonna be so much better than last! Why you ask? Well, my tomatoes arrived on time to start with and the sun's gonna be out all week long! Obviously, not including today. Today actually sucks (hope you're all indoors) but the forecast for the rest of the week looks bright and warm. As it should be. It's summer! Sunny warm weather brings more bounty to the farmers market. Like zucchini, green and yellow ones along with their beautiful flowers (which are delish all fried up in a fresh summer herbs batter. That recipe is coming soon!). Look around you tomorrow at Union Square Greenmarket. The farmers' tables are starting to overflow with so many yummy colors of the rainbow. Did you know eating colors of the rainbow is good for you?It's true. Colored veggies and fruits equals good health.

All this talk of colors is very fitting for World Pride NYC happening this week (BTW). I'm talking rainbows and glitter galore folks. It's a pretty big deal. You may also see a unicorn (or two or THREE even) with rainbow colored wings running around. Who knows? Anything's possible during Pride celebrations. It's a time to reflect and be happy and proud of who you are! Happy Pride Everyone!        

This week's recipe was inspired by the colors of the rainbow and features summer zucchini (the unintentional ZERO CARB pasta) paired with our Rustic Marinara. As many of you already know, the main difference between our Rustic Marinara to our other sauces is we make it chunky WITH garlic. Very old style like as if you were cooking a pot of sauce yourself at home. Roughly chopped by hand along with fresh (and not at all overpowering) garlic flavor. Ya know, the way Italians originally intended.  
Pick up a jar (or 2) of our Rustic Marinara this week at Union Square Greenmarket or at our ONLINE SHOP. We ship nationwide! 

Check out our farmers market calendar for dates.

See youWednesday, Friday and Saturday this week atUnion Square Greenmarket.