For those of you who don't know, the word "ragù" is the Italianized version of the French "ragout" (a highly seasoned dish of meat cut into pieces and stewed with vegetables. The addition of tomatoes would come later.) The French influence on Southern Italy's master chefs inspired them to create very decadent meat-based sauces for the very wealthy that would eventually include tomatoes. Ragù is also the word my parents use when cooking up a meat-based sauce. They would never call it a "Bolognese" because that's just not the city they hail from and that's precisely what a Bolognese sauce is. A meat-based sauce from the city of Bologna. Don't get me wrong. I love Bologna and have been many times and will return BUT my heart will always belong to "ragù." It's in my blood and honestly, it's just easier on the tongue. 

One of the best sauces we make here at the Saucery that pairs beautifully with proteins, in general, is our NEW Roasted Eggplant Sauce. Not sure why exactly but it just works really well with meats. This is what I've been telling customers at Greenmarket since we first started bringing them in recently. Have any of you paired our Roasted Eggplant Sauce with meats at all? I'd love to know.      

This week's recipe is a delicious smoky eggplant ragù with pork and pappardelle pasta. A delicious and hearty recipe to cook up (maybe) for dad this Sunday? Or, just for your own decadent dinner to feast on at home. Why not? You deserve it!

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