Did you know we're your very own personal cooks? No, really. Think about it, all of our sauces have so much going on inside each individual jar that they actually help cut down your cooking time by probably more than half. Is that fair to say? All that said, we're totally flattered that you trust us, weekly, to bring home our healthy and delicious sauces to share with your family and friends. It means a lot to us and we know it means a lot more to you each time you purchase a jar of our fresh and handcrafted sauces with so much going on inside each jar.  Like I always say: "You're all very busy so let me do the cooking for you. I'll be your personal saucier." 

This week's recipe is the classic Ratatouille (with a twist of course). A recipe hailing from Provence near the Mediterranean Sea, ratatouille is a bright and chunky vegetable stew, rich with olive oil and fragrant with garlic and fresh herbs. Making it usually takes a bit of time, but by using our Leafy Greens Sauce, and chopping all the veggies involved freestyle, cooking time has now been reduced significantly (Remember how this email began? Re-read above).  

Pick up a jar (or 2) of our leafy tomato sauce with benefits this week at Union Square Greenmarket. We're also bringing back our Seaweed Marinara and Vegan Vodka Sauce.

Check out our farmers market calendar for dates. 

See youWednesday, Friday and Saturday this week atUnion Square Greenmarket