I've been asked to send some "easier" recipes lately and not because you don't like what I've been emailing you every week, but because an easy meal to cook up is always appreciated. I gotcha! Pasta Cabonara with spicy Tomato 'Nduja it is! This is about as easy as it gets for a delicious weeknight (and quick) meal at home folks. Pasta Carbonara uses guanciale or pancetta but you can totally use bacon if you can't find the other two. Trust me, it works, I've tried it myself and...YUM!  It also either uses spaghetti or bucatini. I prefer spaghetti because I find bucatini to be slippery and messy. No thanks! My parents could never get me to eat bucatini without a frown.

The twist with this recipe is using our spicy Tomato 'Nduja for that extra umami and salami quality to an already protein-rich dish. Tomato 'Nduja pairs beautifully with pasta carbonara as with so many other dishes. It truly is an 'everything sauce.' I wrote down 2 tablespoons of spicy Tomato 'Nduja, but you can totally add 4 tablespoons instead + extra for serving (I always add more since I do prefer it spicy myself).

Pick up your very own spicy Tomato 'Nduja as well as our NEW sauces (see list below) Wednesday and Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket. We will not be attending Friday's market. 

Buon appetito! 

If you have a recipe using any of our products and would like to share, please send it to us. We love hearing from customers who use our products for ANY dish they cook up at home. Also, we'd love to feature you and your recipes on our website (with your permission of course).

Check out our farmers market calendar for dates. 

See you Wednesday and Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.