This week's recipe is inspired by Reggio Calabria. My family's section on the Italian boot that looks straight across the narrow strip of sea known as the Strait of Messina to Sicily. (Fun fact: it's also where the origin of the idiom 'having to choose between two evils' comes from. In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus must pass between Charybdis (Sicily), a treacherous whirlpool, and Scylla (Calabria), a horrid man-eating, cliff-dwelling monster.) This is the same ancient part I'm in the process of organizing a delicious and adventurous culinary tour of in late September. Are you intrigued? Have you signed up for our Taste Calabria updates yet? Do it today. 

Calabrians are very dramatic in the kitchen which is why their dishes are spicy and sharp and delicious. So, when I came across today's recipe; I had to adapt it to both our Ugly Sauce and spicy Tomato 'Nduja. Nutmeg and red onion are two staple ingredients in the Calabrian kitchen that you don't hear about too often here in the States. You'll see why once you cook this delish pasta dish up. SO SO GOOD! 

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Buon appetito! 

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