I LOVE LOVE LOVE baked pasta dishes! Actually, I love anything baked. The delicious aromas during baking time just sets the right mood and kinda makes one feel like they know what they're actually doing. It might also feel this way because I'm an avid baker (of sweets) so for me baking anything savory makes just as much sense as baking a sweet-delicious pie or pastry. The entire process of baking is aromatically hypnotizing with the end result being extremely comforting. Don't you think? 

Gnocchi, in general, is a great addition to soups and stews and even casseroles, or anywhere you might use potatoes really. They’re even great sautéed and fried with fresh herbs and butter then sprinkled with fresh grated cheese just before serving. Dried gnocchi keeps well for longer storage and tastes about the same as fresh. The texture is slightly different from the fresh gnocchi being a little softer. Since this particular recipe calls for the gnocchi to be pre-cooked and then baked in a tomato sauce, I recommend using dried potato gnocchi for a much firmer texture and bite (aka al dente). Pasta should always be served al dente! Pasta cooked al dente has a lower glycemic index than fully cooked pasta and can help minimize spikes in blood sugar. Science aside, it just tastes HELLA better! 

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