Every December we start winding down from sourcing and preserving some of our region's best, meaty and delicious tomatoes. It's a ton of work but work we enjoy doing very much here at the Saucery. Working with a network of 23+ farms has its challenges, for sure, but the end result of jarring our yummy Ugly tomatoes for customers to enjoy throughout the year is so satisfying. It's also the beauty of our products. Fresh tomatoes sealed and ready for you to enjoy any time! It reminds us why we do what we do. 

When we began to scale up production with our tomatoes, we never thought to use yellow ones. We had only jarred red plum varieties. One year, during harvest, I brought in some cases of yellow tomatoes from a local farm and said we should try it out. "What are people going to do with these? was a quick (and irrational) thought but then I quickly said to myself "they're tomatoes and they do smell and taste amazing... why not jar these for customers?" The Italians first called these beauties "pomodori" (means "apples of gold" in Italian) for good reason. The difference, however, between then (sometime in the 16th century) and now (the early 21st century) is we actually know how to cook these tomatoes, not just decorate our homes with them like the Tuscans did. It wouldn't be until the late 16th century that the first tomato recipe would show up from Naples describing how to actually cook a tomato. Food history aside though, these yellow beauties are a wonderful addition to our growing line of Preserved Tomatoes. Don't you agree?  

After researching the yellow tomato a bit, I also learned they're lower in acid (which is a concern for many of our customers) but still so sweet. A tomato that's low in acid and totally sweet and delicious? Sounds like a winner! We'll take em and jar em all (or as many as we can afford to buy up from the farmers). 

You can find our Sweet Yellow Tomatoes cooked and preserved in all their golden glory this week at Union Square Greenmarket. Check out our farmers market calendar as well for more dates this month. 

Here's a Super Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Chili recipe loaded with three different types of beans and quinoa. Hearty, thick, filling and full of flavor! Enjoy! 

See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.