It's Thanksgiving already folks! Where did 2018 go? I mean, WOW! This year went super fast. Every year seems to go by faster and faster which is exactly why I visited the Saucery's vault today and pulled out this gem of a video featuring my very own mom (aka the Sauce Boss) from 10 years ago. Nonna means "grandmother" in Italian for those of you who don't know and my mom is a very proud Nonna of 5 grandchildren. I know she doesn't look like the stereotypical nonna but my mom is not exactly stereotypical anything which is what makes her stand out (as you'll notice in this fun cooking video with her unique stuffing recipe that uses mushrooms, risotto and chestnuts).

Ten years ago, City Saucery wasn't even an idea yet but when the popular web series 'Cooking with Nonna' requested my mom to come on their show and teach the hostess how to make a Thanksgiving turkey, Nonna mom accepted with a BIG smile and without hesitation (she's not exactly camera shy). She did a great job too considering she DOES NOT take direction well in any kitchen since that is her domain.  

This Thanksgiving Turkey, Nonna Style recipe does not include any of our ugly tomatoes or sauces BUT we wanted to share it with you anyway since it is Thanksgiving and we thought you'd all like to see Nonna in the kitchen and maybe get some ideas for your own turkey this year. We will, however, tell you that our Tomato Butter does pair beautifully with turkey and Nonna always has it at her Thanksgiving table every year right next to her homemade cranberry sauce. The spices and tomatoes really compliment the turkey so go ahead and put some Tomato Butter on your Thanksgiving table this year. We will have plenty available at Wednesday's Union Square Greenmarket for you.   

See you Wednesday and Saturday this week at Union Square GreenmarketWe WILL NOT be at tomorrow's Greenmarket.