Among the many many red tomatoes we source from our 22+ network of local farmers, we also source yellow and orange ones. Food waste comes in all shapes and colors folks, including these low acid beauties you've come to appreciate. Here's Carlos cooking up about 300 LBS in our giant pot (aka stainless-steel braiser). That's only one batch shown in this image (we cooked an add'l 300 LBS later that day actually). 600 LBS of ugly produce is just a fraction of the 6 billion pounds of fruits and veggies that go unused every year in the USA. 6 BILLION POUNDS! Just think of all those delicious "ugly" tomatoes in that estimate (hey, I do anyway!) With all the "ugly" tomatoes we're still getting delivered to the Saucery, as you can see there's STILL so much more produce out there we'd love to get our hands on (including Carlos) BUT we're just not there yet. Even ugly produce costs money! The kind of money we don't yet have! 

I'd like to virtually introduce you all to Carlos. A hard-working native New Yorker who also happens to be our right-hand man for everything at the Saucery. Without him, we would not be able to bring the number of products we bring weekly to Union Square Greenmarket. Fortunately, we lucked out when we met Carlos. Here he is cooking up some delicious "ugly" orange and yellow tomatoes we were able to snag this season from the 22+ local farm network we're slowly building up at the moment.  

See you Wednesday, Friday or Saturday this week at Union Square Greenmarket.

This week we cooked up some Matboucha, a spicy tomato dip from Morocco (which also happens to be all the craze in Israel, we're learning).