Butternut Squash

Home grown and delicious

Summer may be over guys but I am coming out strong this Fall with my butternut squash. I mean, look at how beautiful this is (I harvested 12 of these from my garden). I literally had to prop a small table stand underneath each squash in my garden throughout summer so they wouldn't break off their vine because they get so heavy and big. After all, I only have a garden, not a farm! (Although I wonder if farmers use the same technique with heavy produce?) Every year at this time, I pick these amazing vegetables from my garden and set them aside to mature a bit more. When it's ready to get cooked, I cut it down and cook up tons of different dishes. Soups, sauces, vegan grilled cheese (one of my absolute favorites). Butternut squash is so versatile and so delicious I look forward to Fall just for these deliciously hearty vegetables and I get to enjoy them pretty much throughout the season too.  

Do you grow butternut squash? How did they come out this season? What do you cook up with them at home? I'd love to hear from you.