My Figs Are Back!

Guys, this time of year there's tons of figs in my garden and it's starting up again. I have five fig trees in my garden that I tend to and eat from each summer. This September, however, will be the first season in two years since my trees are handing over a larger yield. The polar vortexes in the past couple years completely wiped out my trees (as many others in NYC as well). So, I've been covering up my tree more each winter since. Couple that with an usually warm winter last year; I think I've got my figs back this year! I'm amazed at the turn out so far. My green figs are milky and delicious but my smaller ones are sweet too. I'm so excited to see my figs coming back. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE FIGS! They were everywhere in my hometown of Reggio Calabria. As a little girl, I would wake up every morning in the warm summer months and my mother would have baskets of fresh figs ready on our table to eat. I ate them with coffee, alone, on pizza. Figs are amazingly sweet and naturally high in fiber. So delicious and so healthy. 

Do you grow your own fig tree? Has it yielded any figs this season? Share them with me. I'd love to hear from you.   

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