Leafy Greens 'tomato sauce with benefits'

What I love about being the Sauce Boss most is that I get to play with new ideas when creating recipes. As a mom, and a nonna, it was a no brainer that I should use my new platform to come up with delicious and healthy products for you and your family too.

Growing up in Calabria, Italy, my mother would always serve us kale as a side dish (so much kale!). My husband's mother did the same! This memory would inspire me to create my Leafy Sauce 'tomato sauce with benefits.' It's one of our most popular. Especially with moms who know that vitamin K is absolutely essential for their children's (as well as the parents') well being. 

Vitamin K is necessary for maintaining optimal bone health. Critical for all ages. Leafy greens like chard and kale (among others) are foods naturally rich in vitamin K. One jar of my Leafy Sauce is packed with 80% of these powerful greens so you don't need to worry about cooking them up yourself for the family (or for yourself). There's also NO ADDED SUGARS at all. The sweetness in my sauce naturally comes from the Jersey Fresh tomatoes I only use.

Simply shake well before opening and pour over some al dente pasta, fish, chicken or more veggies. Voila! Delicious and saucey vitamin K served! Buon appetito! 


Tomato sauce with benefits.