As I sit here and write new posts for my blog, I'm reminded of how only three years ago this past weekend the Cooking Channel came to my house to shoot an episode of Not My Mama's Meals in my garden and kitchen. When they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in teaching Bobby Deen how to make fresh tomato sauce I jumped at the opportunity and said "yes" without even realizing that I had no idea who Bobby Deen even was. My apologies Bobby! Long story short, I had a blast that day shooting with everyone involved and showing Bobby how to source fresh veggies and herbs from my garden and cook up a delicious and quick tomato sauce, Nonna style! He loved it and I loved working with him. Bobby I know who you are now and I look forward to meeting you again soon. Any opportunity I get to share my cooking knowledge with someone, I'll always jump up and say "YES!" 

Check out the clip here guys: 

 Not my Mama's Meals episode 'Getting Saucy!'. Originally aired Sep. 2013 @ Cooking Channel, LLC