When we started our family business four years ago, we all agreed that our main goal was to build our small batch food company with recipes inspired by Nonna’s native Calabria. It’s never been to replicate any classic recipes of that region but rather to be inspired by them. After all, we live in New York City, not Calabria. My mom, being the ambitious Calabrisella that she is, likes to pay homage to the region that taught her how to cook whenever she gets the opportunity. 

One day in the test kitchen, she cooked up this "spicy red pesto" that took us all by surprise. We were not expecting to taste a rich and thick tomato-spicy-paste that tickled our tongues and lingered for quite some time. She had created a delicious combination of sweet sun-dried tomatoes and fiery hot organic habanero peppers (that we grow ourselves here in New York City) and made it into a thick paste that adds heat, flavor and umami to any dish. Nonna was inspired by ’nduja (pro: en-doo-ya), a traditional spicy pork spread from Calabria, but she made this version meatless. 

Our Tomato 'Nduja makes for a delicious pasta sauce, a flavor enhancer for soups and sauces, sandwich spread or paired with olives and cheeses. This delicious recipe my mom created is a fantastic condiment to have around the house when a dish needs to be woken up with a spicy & sweet tomato punch. A little goes a very long way!

It’s very popular at food events and farmers markets where we normally sell out but we’ve never offered it online until now. Many of you have asked and we listened. Check out our Tomato 'Nduja, available finally, to be shipped right to your front door. 

Tomato 'Nduja

(Two 8oz jars)

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Nonna was inspired by ’nduja (pro: in-doo-ya), a traditional spicy pork spread from Calabria, but she made this version meatless.