Golden regional tomatoes. 

Golden regional tomatoes. 

Preserving Apples of Gold 

Every year at this time we start winding down from roughly two months of sourcing and preserving some of our region's best, meaty and organic tomatoes. It's a ton of work but work we enjoy doing very much here at the Saucery. Working with a number of tomato farms has its challenges for sure but the end result of jarring our Sweet Summer Tomatoes for customers to enjoy throughout the year is so satisfying. It reminds us why we do what we do. 

When we began to scale up production with our tomatoes, we never thought to use gold ones. We normally jar only organic red plums with basil. One year, during harvest, my son Michael brought in some cases of these beautiful gold tomatoes he had picked up from a local farm and said we should try it out. "What are people going to do with these?" I asked. I thought about it some more and said to myself "they are tomatoes and they smell amazing...why not?" These pomodori (means "apples of gold" in Italian) will be a great addition to our growing line of Sweet Summer Tomatoes. 

I did some research and found that they are lower in acid which is a concern (and a bonus) for many of my customers (and they taste absolutely delicious). We decided to give it a go but we would jar these beauties with fresh sage instead of basil. I prefer that combination and we are known for mixing things up here so people always expect a twist. 

You can find our Sweet Golden Tomatoes with fresh sage this Sunday at the Park Slope Farmers Market. Check out our farmers market calendar as well for more dates and other locations.