It's August which means it's H-O-T outside! On days like today, I'm reminded of my summer trips to Calabria, Italy and how me and my cousins would drink granitas to help keep us cool (granita is basically a slushy, but being Italian it's a fancy slushy usually using fresh fruits like figs, lemons and even coffee.) It's basically "frappuccino's mother" because let's face it, there would be no frapps without la Granita. Granitas are particularly good in the afternoons when the air in general is just stifling hot (in Italy or NYC)! The granitas were so so refreshing and so perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer's day. One of my absolute favs is granita di caffe. It's basically really chilled espresso with lots of foam from the mixing. Iced coffee, but so much better! Now, it's not as desert-y or as traditional as the ones you'll find in Italy but it's perfect for a sweltering NYC August day. Here's the recipe: 

Granita di Caffe

Serves 4

2 cups of espresso (I used Mauro caffe
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tray ice cubes 
pre-chilled glasses


Make the espresso first. Meanwhile, add ice cubes to blender and pour maple syrup. Pour coffee into blender and blend right away until completely mixed. It should get very cold after blending. Pour into chilled glasses and serve. Refreshing!

Chill out!