We're prepping for the Summer Fancy Food Show and Brooklyn Eats 2014 here at the Saucery this week and we've got BIG news to share. First up, please swing by our booth at this year's Brooklyn Eats to meet our newest family member: Nonna's Leafy Sauce 'tomato sauce with benefits.' It's our healthiest in the bunch using whole kale and swiss chard (packed with 80% vitamin K) and sweet New Jersey tomatoes (of course!). We have been sampling this sauce at farmers markets and people are loving it! It's yet, another, unique tomato sauce that stands out from the typical grocery store line-up. Also, we've updated our labels. The new labels are far more informative about each of our products and far more bold looking (we are made in NYC afterall). Finally, we're now jarring 24oz jars (available in July) for all our Sauces in addition to our city-classic 16oz jars. We listened and it's now time to bring something NEW and FRESH to the table. 

So many changes this year and we're so grateful for all your support. Please swing by the show or our markets soon to meet the new family! Buon appetito! 

Brooklyn Eats 2014 (6/27/14) 10:00am - 3pm located at the Pfizer Building - http://www.brooklyneats.com